University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center | U-PARC

Pittsburgh, PA

University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center | U-PARC

Managing Facilities that Foster Technology and Innovation

The University of Pittsburgh Applied Research Center, U-PARC, is a one million square foot, high-security campus for office, research, and laboratory space.

The 85-acre campus is comprised of 50 buildings and over 100 companies ranging from startup technology developers to some of the regions most established research and development firms to GSA operations and University of Pittsburgh programs.

Working in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh to understand and realize their goals, Oxford deployed the most experienced property management team to work at U-PARC at the beginning of our engagement.

Our professionals are certified and trained in numerous trades, and the individuals at this location have at least 20 years of property management experience, including one as a draftsman for Gulf, and have gained an intimate working knowledge of the buildings and their particular systems.

The University of Pittsburgh and Oxford developed a systematic approach to improve the site and infrastructure including the installation of state of the art alarm systems, maintenance protocols for on-site gas, electric and sewage systems, and all manner of compliance mechanisms necessary for the storage and disposal of hazardous waste (tenant specific).

Oxford Realty Services, Inc., Oxford’s brokerage and leasing arm, worked hand in hand with the University of Pittsburgh to develop a creative strategy that repurposes the campus from a single user facility into multi-tenant facility. Complimentary businesses and entrepreneurs are sought after and carefully co-located at U-PARC.

Typically tenant improvements are negotiated as part of lease agreements, and can be overseen by Oxford’s property management team.